Hubspot is the single place to go to manage your inbound marketing and sales efforts.


  1. Visit the Sources tab
  2. Click Hubspot
  3. Hit Connect
  4. Sign into Hubspot and give Windsor permissions to load your user and event data

Historical Sync#

We support ingesting historical data from this source (i.e. events and users from before you connected it to Windsor). Please email us after connecting the source and we'll take care of it right away.

Identifying Users#

To correctly match Hubspot contacts with users on Windsor, make sure to provide Hubspot with the user's email.

When using the Hubspot dashboard, this is easy to do from the Contacts tab for both new and existing users. Just enter the user's email when prompted.

Hubspot Tracking Code#

If you track events or pageviews on your website using the Hubspot Tracking Code, make sure to identify your users.

var _hsq = window._hsq = window._hsq || [];
// Required
id: "user-123"
email: "",
// Optional
name: "John Doe",
avatar: "",
phone: "+1 (415) 123-4567",

If you use Segment to integrate Hubspot to your app instead of using the Hubspot Tracking Code, then you can skip this. Segment automatically sends the user context to Hubspot.