Stripe is payments infrastructure for the internet, making it easy to process transactions and manage an online business.


  1. Visit the Sources tab
  2. Click Stripe
  3. Hit Connect
  4. Sign into Stripe and give Windsor permissions to load your user and event data

Historical Sync#

We support ingesting historical data from this source (i.e. events and users from before you connected it to Windsor). Please email us after connecting the source and we'll take care of it right away.

Identifying Users#

To correctly link Stripe customers with Windsor users, make sure to provide stripe the user's email address when creating the stripe customer object. If you don't have the user's email, you may also provide a phone number. For this to work, make sure you're also providing the user's email and/or phone via Segment or another analytics source

If you're using a different API or service that creates the Stripe customers for you, pass the email address or phone number via that API instead. This will get passed through to the Stripe Customer object.