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Let's create an awesome, personalized experience for your customers.

What does Windsor do?

Windsor creates personalized videos that you can use in email campaigns and automations, SMS campaigns, and LinkedIn messages. We do this through AI technology, where we replace part of a video you've recorded with the recipient's name.

How does Windsor do it?

First, we'll work with you to create what we call, an AI model, where we record a video session with you, so we can train our AI to look and sound exactly like you.

When connecting Windsor to your marketing app, Windsor will download your customer list from your marketing app and create videos that replace a placeholder word in the video with the recipient's name. If Windsor doesn't currently integrate with your Marketing app, there's even a way to use it using CSVs or via Zapier, which in turn supports over 5,000 integrations.

Once the videos are created, your marketing app can use a link that matches the video with the recipient, who will receive your video with their name in the greeting.

The aim with these docs is to give you access to all the information you and your team needs to properly integrate Windsor into your marketing apps and workflows, and troubleshoot any issues you run into along the way

Some use-cases

The possibilities are endless but a few cases we've seen a lot of success with are:

  • E-commerce welcome messages. Say hi to your new customers.

  • E-commerce abandoned cart emails. Remind them they have items left in their cart.

  • Automated Form Responses When leads fill a form on your website, surprise them with a personal, human video even before the phone call or demo

  • LinkedIn and Email outreach messages. Instead of sending a cold message, why not send a video, tailored to the recipient!

  • Product promotion via SMS. Show your product to a customer.

  • And any other place you could benefit from having videos That's a lot of opportunities!

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