Windsor Docs


Please Note: You need a Hubspot Marketing Professional, Sales Hub or Service Hub Enterprise seat to fully use the automated Windsor Integration in Hubspot. If you do not have one of these, you can still use Windsor with Hubspot using the manual workflow
In this document, we're going to connect HubSpot to the Windsor dashboard.

Connecting Hubspot

1: In your Windsor dashboard, click "Integrations" and select "View integration" under HubSpot.
2: Click "Connect to HubSpot".
3: A new tab will open and if you're logged into your HubSpot account, you'll be able to choose an account. Most HubSpot users will only have 1 account. Select the account you'd like to connect.
4: Click "Choose account".
You'll see the message "Integration successfully connected. You may close this page". When you close the tab, your Windsor tab should say this:

Creating a campaign

1: We'll start with connecting a Windsor campaign with Hubspot. We do this by going to the Windsor dashboard and under "Campaigns" we select the campaign we want to connect.
2: Select the 3 dots-menu and "Manage Automations".
3: Select "Recipients" and "Continue".
4: Select Hubspot.
5: Click "Confirm".
Repeat the steps above for the "Delivery" with one exception:
In step 5, you'll be able to set the property name. Create an easy-to-recognize property name. We'll need this when we set up the email.

Sending an email

1: Go to Hubspot and under "Marketing" select "Email".
2: Click "Create email" in the top-right of the page.
3: Choose an email type. In this case, we'll set up an automated message.
4: Select a template. In this case, we'll use a "Welcome" message template.
5: Under the first paragraph, we'll add text, something along the lines of "Watch the video here:". Feel free to write what works for you.
6: Now for the magic. Click the "Personalize" link at the top of the editor and select "Contact" under the "Type" dropdown menu.
7: Search for your campaign in the contact tokens by either scrolling through the list or search for the name you gave the campaign. In this case, we named the campaign "Windsor Video Test URL 2". Select the campaign.
8: Hubspot will ask for a text to replace the URL with this value if a URL isn't created. Check the box to use the global default property or give a replacement text.
9: Fill out the "Settings" tab of the campaign and click "Review and Publish".