Step 1: Connect your HubSpot account with Windsor

Connect your HubSpot account with Windsor by going to the "Integrations" tab in the Windsor sidebar.

Step 2: Enable HubSpot destination integration to create custom contact property

Follow the steps below in the GIF to enable the HubSpot destination integration and create a custom contact property for each contact. This HubSpot property will contain the personalized Windsor video URL after the videos are generated. By default, the property name looks like <campaign_name>_video_url but you can customize it before clicking "Save & Enable".

Step 3: Export your contact list in HubSpot in CSV format

Export your desired HubSpot contact list as a CSV. Windsor only needs the Name and Email contact properties to create videos; exporting other properties is optional.

Step 4: Import the CSV to Windsor

Upload the downloaded CSV from HubSpot to Windsor by going to the "Recipients" tab and clicking on "Add Recipients" from the campaign detail page.

Step 5: Wait till the videos are ready

You will receive an email when all the videos are ready. At this point, all the contacts in HubSpot already have the videos added to their custom property. (You may ignore the email attachment you received).

To use the video URLs in your marketing emails or sales sequences, simply insert the custom contact property as a personalization tag. The property will show up in the editor just like any other personalization tag.

If you want to add a thumbnail to your email (like above), Windsor automatically creates them for you.

Sometimes the generated video for a contact may not meet our quality standards. In this case, the video gets skipped, and the custom contact property is not updated for that contact. You can use HubSpot filter on the custom contact property to ignore such contacts, as shown in the GIF below.

(Optional) Automating the CSV Export-Import

If you have access to a Marketing Professional, Sales Hub or Service Hub Enterprise seat on HubSpot then you don't need to export and import CSVs. You can automate this part by using a HubSpot workflow. Click the next button below to learn more.

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