Creating a campaign

Creating a campaign is how you start to use videos you've recorded (or those recorded by our actors) to create personalized videos at scale for your recipients. Each campaignThese campaigns can be abandoned cart recovery videos, customer win-back videos, welcome videos, and more. Here's how we set up a campaign.

1: In the Windsor Dashboard, navigate to "Campaigns" and click the "Create campaign" button.

2: Now, to set up your campaign, give the campaign a name, one that's easy to identify in your marketing tools. Then select the video template and "Next Step".

In some marketing tools (like Klaviyo), only the first few characters of your Windsor campaign name show, so we recommend using unique campaign names that don't repeat the beginning. Examples of good campaign names: - Winback - Abandoned cart - Welcome video

Not-so-great campaign names: - Company-name video 1 - Welcome - Company-name video 2 - Winback

3: When people receive their personalized email, they'll be able to click a link to watch their video. The video will be played on your own customized Windsor video page. Fill out the necessary fields and you'll see the updates in the preview box on the right.

The "Short Message" is the message that will show under the video. Make it short and sweet. We want the focus on the video. In the Call to Action section, the Button Text is the text that will show on the button. The Button Link is where people will be directed once they click the button. The Contact email is what will be used when someone writes a message on this page. This has to be a valid email address.

Click "Create Campaign" and you're ready to add your automation.

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