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Setting Up a Windsor campaign with Reply and Zapier

Step 1: Create a custom contact field in Reply

Windsor works with Reply by populating a custom field for each contact with a unique Video ID. This ID will be used in your email to show the correct video personalized for that contact. Create a new custom contact field on Reply. Name the property something useful for the campaign you're setting up, like "Windsor Outreach Video ID".

Step 2: Set up your Reply sequence

Sequences using Windsor always start with a Zapier Step.
Example of a Reply sequence
In the Zapier step, Choose "Wait for Action from Zapier to move to the next step". This lets Zapier move contacts to the next step when the video is ready in Step 4.

Setup your video email

Just like {{FirstName}}, a video email will include a personalized Windsor link. This link is the magic that makes Windsor work. To make sure the link is unique to each contact, we will use the custom field created in Step 1. Here is what the link looks like{{Windsor_Outreach_Video_ID}}
Replace Windsor_Outreach_Video_ID with your custom field. For instance, here's what your email might look like.
If you want to add a thumbnail to your email (like above), Windsor automatically creates them for you.
When setting up automations for your campaign, setup Zapier as both the source and destination.

Step 4: Setup Zapier

To put everything together, we will now set up two Zaps. The first will create Windsor videos when someone joins a sequence. The second will update the custom field and trigger the email when the video is ready.
Here's what the zaps typically look like:
Please refer to Reply - Zapier docs and Windsor - Zapier docs if you need help setting up these Zaps.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

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