Set up Zapier as a source

Follow the steps below to create Windsor Videos from a Zapier Zap

It's recommended you sign up and login to your Zapier account before following these steps.

Step 1: Copy the Windsor API Key

If you've already connected Windsor to your Zapier account, skip to the step 3.

Copy the Windsor API key from the Zapier integration page.

Step 2: Connect Windsor with your Zapier account

To connect Windsor with your Zapier account, go to the My Apps tab in Zapier's sidebar and search for "Windsor". Click on "Connect", and then paste the API key you copied in Step 1. Once the connection is established successfully, the Zapier integration page on Windsor will show "Connected".

Step 3: Enable Zapier as a Source Integration for your Campaign

For every campaign that will use Zapier, Follow the steps below in the GIF to enable the Zapier as a source integration. This will allow you to select that campaign in Zapier when using the Windsor "Generate New Video" action in a Zap.

Your Windsor campaign must be LIVE before you can set up the Zap. Start your Windsor campaign by clicking the "Start Campaign" button from the campaign detail page on the Windsor dashboard.

Step 4: Setup the Zap

To set up the Zap, create a new Zap and choose any trigger you prefer. For the purpose of this example, we will use the "New Contact Added to List" trigger in ActiveCampaign.

Once you have selected your trigger, choose "Windsor" as the action and select the "Generate New Video" event. Next, select the appropriate campaign from the campaign dropdown menu. Fill in the required values using the values provided by the trigger. Test the Zap, and once it passes, publish it.

Going forward, every time the Zap is triggered, Windsor will create a video for every unique email.

While testing, you may need to run the "Generate New Video" action multiple times for the same email. However, will only create one video per email to prevent overcharging your account.

To work around this, you can append a unique value to your email address by using the "+" symbol. For example, "" can become "", while changing "test1" to something else on each test.

This will allow to recognize the email as a unique value each time, thereby allowing you to generate multiple videos during testing. The emails will still be routed to the correct email address as expected.

Make sure to remove this after the testing is done.

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