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This document will show step-by-step how to connect Zapier with your Windsor dashboard.
After you Creating a campaign, you can connect your marketing tools. In these screenshots, we'll connect Calendly with a Gmail account to send a personal welcome video when someone books a meeting with us.
We will need to create 2 separate zaps:
  1. 1.
    We'll get Calendly to send information to Windsor to create a video.
  2. 2.
    We'll send the Windsor video that was created to a customized email through Gmail.
Here's a visual of what we're going to achieve:
It's recommended you sign up and login to your Zapier account before following these steps.

Zap #1

1: Click the "Setup an integration" button.
2: Click the "Connect" button behind Zapier to connect Zapier with Windsor.
3: Copy the Windsor API key and click the "Add Windsor on Zapier" link.
A new tab will open. Steps from here will be on the Zapier side of things. We'll get back to our Windsor dashboard in a minute. Do not close the Windsor tab.
Click the "Connect Windsor to 5,000+ apps" button.
Once logged in, you should now see a screen with a brand new Zap and the Windsor trigger pre-selected for you.
However, we will first setup a zap that uses Windsor as an action, in response to a trigger from another app. In the example below, we will change the zap to use a Calendly trigger

Set up the trigger

In our example, we're going to use a Calendly trigger, where someone books a meeting with us. When the meeting is booked, Zapier pulls the trigger and sends the invitee's info to Windsor to create a video for them. In the trigger section, search for "Calendly" and click the app.
2: We'll choose the event "Invitee Created", so the zap gets fired when a new person books a meeting and click "Continue".
3: Login to your Calendly account and grab the API key from the Zapier Integration page.
Click "Yes, Continue".
Your Calendly account should now show under "Choose account". Click "Continue".
4: Test the trigger. You should see data as long as someone has booked a meeting with you previously. If this is a completely new Calendly Event, the test might fail.
Click "Continue".

Set up the action

Now we're going to get Zapier to send the information that it retrieved from Calendly to your Windsor account.
1: Select "Windsor 2.0.0" from the apps list in the "Action" box.
2: Select the event "Generate New Video" from the drop-down.
Press continue.
2: Choose your Windsor account. Most people will have only 1 account here, but agencies might have multiple. Select the one associated with the Windsor campaign you're going to send.
If you don't have an account connected, this is where you'd click "Connect a new Account".
When you connect a new account a popup will appear where you'll enter the Windsor API key.
Depending on which app you've connected in the trigger section, you may have overwritten the API key from step 3 of this document in your computer's clipboard. You can find the API key again in the Windsor tab that you still have open.
3: Paste the API key and click "Yes, Continue" in the popup screen.
4: Important step! Switch back to your Windsor tab in your browser and click the "Confirm" button. This confirms the connection to Zapier on the Windsor-end.
5: Then, on the next page (Destination), click "Select" behind Zapier to confirm we'll be sending info from Zapier to Windsor. Click "Confirm" right after that.
You'll see a confirmation page.
6: Ok, back to the Zapier tab in your browser. Refresh the page (F5 or CMD/CTRL+R). This is to ensure Zapier is up to date with the campaigns we have in the Windsor dashboard. You will not lose your Zap.
7: Fill out the form for the action. Select "Full name" if your app only sends out full names (so "John Doe" instead of having separate fields for first name and last name like "John" and "Doe"). Otherwise, select the first name and last name.
8: Select the campaign you want this Zap associated with. Normally, you'd only see 1 campaign here.
9: Finally, the invitee's email address. This is the address where Windsor will send the video. and click "Continue".
10: The test might fail if you don't have any info in your Calendly even yet. We'd recommend setting up a meeting with yourself for testing purposes. Once the test is complete, you can publish this Zap!

Zap #2

When Zap #1 runs, Windsor will create a personalized video. Now we need Zapier to relay that video to your "output app". In this case, we're going to send an email via Gmail to the recipient.

Set up the trigger

1: Create the trigger to retrieve the video from Windsor. In the "App event" box, find Windsor 2.0.0.
2: Select the event "New Personalized Video" and "Continue".
3: Choose your account and click "Continue". Normally, only 1 account will show here, unless you're an agency and run accounts on behalf of clients.
4: Select your campaign. This should match the campaign you set up in Zap #1.
5: Set the status. This status is the status of the video. The quality assurance process in Windsor will ensure that you only send videos that look natural. If they don't look right, we don't feel comfortable sending them, so this is where the "approved" and "rejected" status comes in. Approved videos went through our quality standards system and we're confident we can send them for you. Rejected videos are the ones that somehow didn't look natural. For example, if the pronounciation of the name failed or the lips don't match up with what's being said. We reject these videos.
For each of these statuses, you can set a different action. For example, for rejected videos, you can send a Slack message or a separate email to someone in your team to make sure the customer still gets a message but maybe in written form instead of a video.
You can also select both, which means "send any video in Windsor, even if quality control rejected the video".
In this case, we only want to send a message when a video has the "approved" status. and click "Continue".
6: Test the trigger. It's very possible Zapier shows a "We couldn't find a video" message. Windsor needs roughly 24 hours to process a video and put it through quality control, so it's possible you're setting up a zap before we have a video processed. In this case: Skip the test.
What you should see is some test data. When you do, click "Continue".

Set up the action

1: Now, we're going to set up the action. In this case and email via Gmail.
2: Select "Send email" and "Continue".
3: If you haven't already, sign in to your Gmail account and click "Continue".
4: Now we're going to set up the email. Fill out the form with the information of the recipient. When you click the fields, a drop-down will show data fields pulled from Windsor. In the "To"-field, select the dropdown menu and "Show all options" to reveal the recipient's email address.
5: The "From" should be your email address from the drop-down.
6: The "From Name" should be your name, your company name, or the name of the person sending the email.
7: The "Subject" line will be an important one. This will determine if the recipient opens the email or not. A lot of success comes from a personalized subject line, like so:
8: Now for the body of the email. This is where you can experiment with verbiage to optimize clicks to the video.
  • Make sure you let people know what they're clicking on. Text like "Hey, click this link." will definitely make people NOT click the link.
  • Try to add personalized messages. Open with referring to people's first name in the intro. Inform them of how you received their contact info, then direct them to the video link.
  • Perhaps you can draw some inspiration from our Script Guides and come up with an email template that works for your customers.
  • If you want to use an HTML template, we recommend checking out Unlayer.
You can add a signature, label and an attachment, although we recommend avoiding any attachments. We want the focus to be on the video.
9: Test your action. In this step, you'll see an overview of what you've created. You can click "Test & Continue".
10: That's it! Now you click "Publish Zap" and we can start sending personalized videos to your customers!