Windsor has a two-way integration with Klaviyo. This means that, Windsor can both

  1. Create new videos automatically from Lists or Segments on Klaviyo, and

  2. Send emails and SMS messages with embedded videos via Klaviyo

Connecting Klaviyo With Windsor

To make the connection, we need the API keys from your Klaviyo account. Please follow these steps to find your APIs Key. (or click here and skip directly to step 3)

For the next step, we assume you've created a campaign in the Windsor dashboard. The steps can be found here: Creating a campaign

Setting up the Klaviyo automation

1: Navigate to your campaigns and select the campaign you'd like to automate.

2: On a new campaign, you'll automatically be sent to the "Add Recipients" tab. Here, you click on "Setup an integration".

3: We're now setting up the part where Windsor pulls customer names from Klaviyo to create videos. Click the "Select" button behind Klaviyo.

4: Now we're going to select the specific list in Klaviyo we want to create videos for. For example, in this case, we're creating a welcome video, so the list in Klaviyo would be a list of first-time buyers/subscribers.

Select your list and click "Confirm".

5: Now we're going to set up the part where Windsor will push the created videos bac to Klaviyo for use in your flows. In the delivery method, we select Klaviyo again.

6: Next is the custom property. This is the tag that'll be used in your email template as a placeholder for the video URL when it's sent to the customer. We suggest making this a unique and easy-to-recognize name, for example, "Welcome video" (you'll notice that spaces will automatically be replaced by underscores " _ " )

Click "Confirm" after naming the property.

7: The automation is now set up on Windsor's side. We'll now move to the Klaviyo flows. Click "Done".

Setting up the flow in Klaviyo

This is the flow we're going to create. In the image below, you'll see the following:

  1. The flow triggers when someone enters the list (segment) "First-time buyers". This list contains customers with exactly 1 purchase.

  2. The "Wait 1 day" step is a delay so Windsor has time to create the video for this particular customer.

  3. Then, the conditional split is to ensure everybody receives an email. Our tech is good, but in some cases, for example, with hard-to-pronounce names, videos don't make it through our quality control process. In this step, we make sure that Klaviyo sends an email with a video when a video passes inspection and in the case of a rejected video, the customer still gets an email but with a standard text, without a video.

  4. This is the email template with the produced Windsor video.

  5. This is the email template without a video.

1: Let's set up the email template (step 4 in the above image).

Click the email box and select "Edit".

2: Click "Edit Email" in the top-right.

Make sure you're using the new editor by clicking "Use the new editor" in the top of your screen)

We need to get a little creative here because Klaviyo doesn't show the personalization icon outside the text editor. For example, if you want to create a link from existing text or you want to make an image clickable (both of which we're going to do), you'll have to enter a URL/link.

3: Edit or create a text area and at the bottom of the area, on a new line, click the "Add personalization" icon and select the welcome video property we created in step 6 above.

This will place a property in the editor like this:

Copy this string. We'll need it in the next few steps.

4: Select the text you'd like to link to the video and click the "link" icon and paste the property we just copied.

5: Now, we're going to insert an animated thumbnail of the video to invite people to click. For this, we need to briefly hop back into the Windsor dashboard to get the thumbnail.

5a: Switch to the Windsor dashboard. In your campaign, next to the "Start Campaign" button, click "View Template". Then, click "Copy Link" behind "Template GIF".

5b: Now, we can go back to Klaviyo and add an image box to the template. Click "Browse Image Library".

5c: Select the "Import URL" option, paste the URL to the template GIF we just copied and click "Import".

5d: Under "Link address", we'll have to paste the personalization string again, as we did in step 3.

6: You can also add a button in the same way as we did with the text link and image link.

Once you're done setting up the email templates for both "with video" and "without video" emails, you can set the flow status to "Live".

7: Now, for the last step, we move back to the Windsor dashboard and click the "Start Campaign" button and videos will start processing and flowing through Windsor and Klaviyo!

Common Use Cases and Recipes

Here, we share some common use cases from our customers and how you can set them up for yourself

Post Purchase (a.k.a Thank You Video)

A very common use case for Windsor Videos

The remaining steps are as usual. Windsor will automatically create videos for this segment, and the videos can be used in any Post Purchase Flow

Abandoned Cart

7 out of 10 carts are abandoned Shopify

That’s a lot of money that’s just one button away from payment. Recouping these carts with Windsor is really easy!

To break this ☝️ down, we’re grabbing every new contact that started a checkout over 2 hours ago and has not yet placed an order. i.e. an “Abandoned Cart”.

The reason we need a Segment like this is that Windsor can only automatically create videos from a Klaviyo Segment/List. Videos can’t be automatically created when a recipient enters a flow.

The segment described above will capture any cart that hasn’t been closed within 2 hours of starting a checkout. You can then use the Windsor Video properties for anyone in the segment, in any campaign or flow you want to send out later.

Finally, create a regular Abandoned Cart flow on Klaviyo and follow the steps from above to embed Windsor videos into the Abandoned Cart emails

How many abandoned cart emails should I send?

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