Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my videos failing to send?

1: Windsor needs up to 24 hours to create a video for each new name that enters your list. In most cases if a video fails to send, the video isn't ready at the time your marketing automation is sending the video. Please make sure your automation is set up to wait at least 24 hours between the time a contact enters your list and sending the video.

2: It's also possible that the occasional video doesn't pass our quality checks. This is why we recommend adding a text-based alternative email in your automations to make sure the message is still being sent to your customer, albeit without the video.

How do I prevent sending duplicate videos?

It's wise to add a flow filter in your email marketing app to prevent people from entering the flow more than once and sending multiple videos to the same people.

In Klaviyo, a filter would look like this:

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