Step 1: Connect your ActiveCampaign account with Windsor

To connect your ActiveCampaign account with Windsor, first grab an API key. You can do this by going to your ActiveCampaign account, and navigating to the "Settings > Developer" section. (See the GIF Below).

Then, go to the ActiveCampaign integration page on Windsor, paste the API URL and API Key, and save to establish the connection.

Step 2: Create a list/segment on ActiveCampaign

To start creating videos, you'll need a new list on ActiveCampaign. Windsor will monitor that list and automatically generate videos for all current and future members of that list. When creating the list, feel free to use any URL you want for the "List URL" field - it won't affect the integration.

Step 3: Set up ActiveCampaign as a source integration

Go to the Windsor Campaign you want to use with ActiveCampaign (or create a new campaign if needed) and set up ActiveCampaign as a source integration by selecting the created list/segment from Step 2 and clicking 'Save'.

Step 4: Set up ActiveCampaign as a destination integration

Windsor integrates with ActiveCampaign by assigning a custom field to each contact, which holds the unique Windsor Video URL generated for that contact. This custom field can be used in your ActiveCampaign emails. By default, the field name follows the format <CAMPAIGN_NAME>_VIDEO_URL, but you can customize it before clicking "Save & Enable." Check out the following GIF to see how to configure this setup.

Step 5: Create an automation on ActiveCampaign

Windsor will generate videos for the contacts in your chosen list/segment and populate the custom contact field with the personalized video URL. To automatically send personalized video emails to your contacts, you can configure an automation on ActiveCampaign.

Here is an example screenshot of an automation on ActiveCampaign. Note that including a "Wait for 1 day" step is crucial, as Windsor may take up to 24 hours to create the video.

Sometimes the generated video for a contact may not meet our quality standards. The "If <video_url> not blank" condition can be used to filter out such contacts in the automation as shown in the screenshot above. These contacts can be ignored or handled in a backup sequence. The choice is yours.

Using the Personalized Video URL in the Email

To use the video URLs in your emails, insert the custom contact field you created in Step 4 by selecting it from the "Personalization Tags" dropdown, as shown in the GIF below.

If you want to add a thumbnail to your email (like above), Windsor automatically creates them for you.

Step 6: Start the Windsor campaign

Now, initiate the Windsor campaign to begin creating videos for both existing and future contacts in the list/segment.

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