Using Windsor manually via CSV files

If Windsor does not support your app through one of our various integrations, this guide will show you how you can still use Windsor by importing and exporting CSVs

In this document, we'll walk you through the steps to import your contacts and export the generated video links.

Import your contacts into Windsor

1: We'll start by exporting your contact list from your CRM/contact list/address book. You can also create one manually. You'll want to create a plain text CSV file containing at least a First Name, and either an Email or a LinkedIn URL column. The first row should be a header row.

For example:

If your CSV contains more than these 2 columns, don't worry about stripping it down. You can assign columns after it's uploaded.

2: Log in to your Windsor portal and select the campaign you want to upload your contacts to.

3: Select the 3 dots in the top-right and select "Add Recipients".

4: On this screen, you can select to either enter recipients manually, one-by-one or upload a CSV File. Select the CSV option.

5: Click "Upload CSV" and select the CSV file with your recipients.

6: Drag your file into the box or click the + to locate your file. Then, confirm the file is imported properly. It should look something like this:

Click "Next".

7: Map the columns to their respective template columns and click "Next".

8: Review the CSV and click "Import".

9: Done! Your recipient list has been imported and you can click "Finish".

This is the part where we need to be patient. Windsor will create videos based on the names in the CSV file. We'll put the videos through a quality control process to make sure the videos look as natural as possible. This process should be finished within 24 hours.

Export your video-url list

When you come back to your campaigns the next day, you'll notice the number under "total videos created" is updated. You can now download the CSV file with the URL to the created videos.

1: In the campaign, click on "Recipient Activity" to see an overview of the processed videos.

2: Click "Download CSV".

The final result will look something like this:

You can use this CSV however you see fit. You can import it into a CRM that Windsor doesn't support or you can grab the URLs and send them to your recipients manually.

If you're importing to a CRM, please refer to their documentation on how to import CSV files.

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