Windsor Docs

Creating a workflow

In this document, we'll describe how to set up a workflow in Hubspot. We're going to send a personalized email after someone schedules a meeting.
Before continuing: Make sure you have a sequence set up first. More info about sequences here: Creating a sequence
1: Under "Automation", select "Workflows".
2: Click the "Create workflow" button.
3: Select the workflow that says "Send a notification when a meeting is scheduled".
4: Name your campaign and select "Create template".
5: In this step, we're going to tell Windsor to create a video with the information we've collected. We'll add an action by clicking the + symbol under the trigger and searching for "Create video V2".
6: Select the Windsor campaign associated with this workflow.
7: To make sure we're only sending videos that passed the quality control tests, we'll add a branch that checks for skipped values. Click "Next".
8: Now, we'll add the "No" branch to continue our flow. You can also add a "Yes" flow to send a notification to yourself so you're notified of people that haven't received an email because their video didn't pass quality control.
9: Under the "No" branch, we'll add a step that enrolls people in the sequence that'll send their email. Search for the "Enroll in a sequence" action and fill out the name of the sequence you'd like to send, the sender, and the sender ("From") email address. Then click "Save".
10: You can now save and enable this workflow and start sending videos!