Windsor Docs

Migrating from Version 1

If you setup Zapier with Windsor before the Windsor 2.0.0 launch in late July 2022, then use this guide to upgrade your Zaps to the new integration
If you are using any of the following Windsor Zapier integration versions, you will need to migrate to version 2 before August 15 2022
  • 1.1.2
  • 1.1.1
  • 1.1.0
  • 1.0.2
  • 1.0.1
  • 1.0.0
Please follow these steps for each of your Zaps that use Windsor.


If you haven't accepted your invite to the new Windsor app, please do that first and make sure you're able to login to your new Windsor account.
  • If you didn't receive an invite, please let us know immediately
If you run into any issues while following the remaining steps, you can use the "Help" button in the top bar to call our team or send us a support email at [email protected]
1: Click "Edit Zap" on the top right

If your Zap uses Windsor as an Action

2: Open the Windsor Action, and select "Setup up action". Note down the configuration you've chosen. You'll need these details again later. It might also help to take a screenshot
3: Now open the "Choose app & event" section at the top of the action, and click "Change"
4: Search for "Windsor" and choose the latest app. It'll say "Beta"
5: Choose the same event as earlier (there will only be one option), and then hit "Continue"
6: At this point, you may be asked to connect your Windsor account again. Go ahead and do that. You should have received an API key you can use to make the connection via email. If you did not receive an API key, you can find it by logging into your Windsor account, and going to "Integrations" -> "Zapier", or by reaching out to our team.
7: Go to "Set up action" and choose the same options as you noted down earlier in step 3. Note that instead of "Template", you will now see an option for "Campaign". In Windsor 2.0, "Templates" and "Campaigns" have been split up into different concepts - however, we've already gone ahead and created a campaign for each of your existing Windsor 1.0 templates to make the migration easy for you.
8: When you get to the "Test" Step, go ahead and hit "Test & continue". Once that's done, "Publish" your Zap!

If your Zap uses Windsor as a Trigger

You'll follow the same steps above for Windsor as an Action, but with a few notable changes:
When you get to the Testing Step (Step 8), go ahead and hit "Test trigger". In case you get an error saying "We couldn't find a video", go ahead and hit "Skip test". This is because it is possible that there are no videos in your campaign. Don't fret - if you followed all the steps here correctly - it will work as expected once you publish
After you finish migrating the Trigger step, you will also need to update any Actions in the zap that use data from the Windsor Trigger.
For example, in this Slack action below, we're referencing some pieces of data from the old Windsor app:
We simply need to update these variables to using the equivalents from the new Windsor trigger:


Login to your Windsor Account and check your campaign. Your campaign must be "Live" for videos to be created and sent. If your campaign is not Live, then hit the "Start Campaign" button to begin creating videos
Please repeat all the steps above for any other zaps on your Zapier account.
You can also find our full Zapier integration guide here​